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Rhombic Flowers/Face Tessellation

This is another design by Eric Gjerde. His design recommends using a 48 pleat grid for multiple stars. I tried it using only a 32 pleat grid. So there's just the center star surrounded by partial outer stars. The weird thing is that when it's backlit it kinda looks like a face to me. Wasn't expecting that. I wonder if something of this sort is what originally inspired origamist Joel Cooper who's renowned for his incredible tessellated masks.  The stars created by the rhombuses aren't really visible in the backlit photo, but you can see them in the unlit pic. Six rhombuses go around the center to form the interior star. Additional stars connect to it around the edges, but because I used a smaller grid, the outer stars  are all halves. It was a fairly straight forward fold. Nothing too crazy. As always, a single sheet of paper. Eric's original post and instructions are available here:
Solving Origami Tessellations dot com