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Rotating Vortexes Origami Tessellation

 Here's an interesting tessellation. It's open back hex twists with regular triangle twists emanating from it. There are some strange shapes in-between to make the repetitions work together. I just kinda worked it out as I went. I'd love to offer a visual cease pattern. Unfortunately the only accurate one I have was what got folded into the final product. I'm not currently willing to unfold it, since it was such a tedious affair. Update: I recently (Aug 2022) solved this anew and created a crease pattern. The vortexes 2.0 tessellation has all the details.  The interesting part is when you fold over the flaps created by the triangle twists. It creates a completely different design. It was rather difficult to fold. Everything was quite closely packed together. I wasn't really sure it was going to work. But the final result was pretty pleasing.

Variations on a Theme

 This is a flagstone variation. It uses a collapsed hexagon as the base and triangle twists to connect them. An interesting thing happens when you then fold over the available flaps created by those two twists. I have a basic crease pattern below. The inner hexes are valleys. They outer hexes are mountains. Rhombuses shoot off from that. They are mountains. Triangle twists create the transitions between. They are valleys. After you accomplish all that, you can then fold over the flaps created on the front to get the design shown. All the images are of the same tessellation. Respectively... front then back with back light and flash on the camera. Then back and front with back light and no flash.  It's a fairly simple fold that yields a very nice final result. A crease pattern is available in a future post where I recreated this tessellation. See <a href="">Spiraling Tessellatio

Jigsaw Hexes Origami Tessellation

 This is a variation on a simple tessellation found in Eric Gjerde's popular book. The original tess consists of hexes and triangle twists. In this version I simply fold over the flaps that are created by the triangle twists. I experimtented with also turning them inside out. Similar to a Cooper tess, but I opted to keep it simple instead. It backlights very nicely.

Spokes Origami Tessellation

 I saw this tess on flickr. I thought it would be fun and easy to fold and yield a nice result. I wasn't wrong. It was a little tricky to get done. The paper tended to curl up on itself a lot. But it wasn't anything aggressively difficult to do. It's small hex twists on one side. Open back triangle twists on the other. I found it most productive to move back and forth between the front and the back. When you begin to get those hex twists working it creates the veins around the triangles. Rather than just focusing on flattening the triangles, I used the veins to help ease everything into place. It actually looks somewhat different to the human eye than the camera is able to capture. The photos are similar to what you'll see. But it's prettier, in my opinion, in real life.

Dancing Rhombuses

A Peter Keller flagstone. Dude knows his rhombuses. I got the crease pattern from his flickr. It wound up looking and folding different than I thought it would. For me, it was more difficult than some of his other flagstones. The transitions between the repetitions proved somewhat troublesome. By the time I figured out the nature of the connections, some were already too far gone to truly perfect. Origin Crease Pattern  I have been attempting to come up with some new original designs. I have a few in the works. We'll see how that unfolds.