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Cages Origami Tessellation

 Mucking around with the collapsed star shape I came across this configuration. I haven't seen it around, but it's hard to find truly new ideas.  It's a fairly straightforward tessellation. It's not terribly hard nor is it so very easy.  I've been working on some trickier ideas.  While I can work them out in theory, I  haven't yet had success actually executing them.  Guess we'll see how those turn out at another time.  For now, we have this little beauty.  Like I said before, it's collapsed stars. There are some small triangle twists off of them.  There are hexagons to join them and also larger triangle twists in the spaces between the hexagons.  I've included my crease pattern at the bottom of this post. 

Waiting for When Origami Tessellation

This is a variation on Robin Scholz's circular triangles. Instead of triangles, it's teardrop shapes. I originally had other ideas, but this is where the paper took me. I originally created this back in September 2020.  The first time around I did not save a crease pattern. Also the photo was not that great.  I went ahead and recreated it present day. Making sure to document the construction.  It's very densely packed on the reverse side. Pretty difficult to get everything to work together. But it's still very much achievable.  It's nice that this tessellation fits so neatly on a 32 pleat grid. That doesn't happen often. I'm pretty sure I saw a post on Arseniy K's instagram of the same design. I don't know whose came first. But they were created independent of each other.  Crease pattern is included below.

Solving Feasting Spirals Tessellation

 This is a tessellation by Arseniy K that I solved and reproduced. There wasn't too much solving involved as front and back photos were available. Once I figured out the starting point it was smooth sailing from there.  At first glance it looks like a typical small hex twist at the center, but it's not.  You need a different method to achieve those overlaps that show up on the front. My crease pattern, which is at the bottom of this post, shows how it works I gave it a name for the purposes of this post, but I don't think he ever named it. 

Merry-Go-Rounds Origami Tessellation

 A fairly simple configuration that I stumbled upon while tinkering.  I don't know about other people, but most of my tessellations are the result of fiddling.  In this case, open back hexagons and pyramids.  Some wings on the other side.  It's a pretty uncomplicated design.  Still, it has a nice finished effect.  The open back hexagons are offset from the triangle grid, but the remaining folds are all natural.  A lot of tessellations focus on twist folds and various manipulations of the triangle grid. Which is fabulous and makes for all sorts of interesting designs.  Natural folds feel a little neglected overall. There are wonderful discoveries to be made there as well. A crease pattern for this tessellation will be added to this post in the near future.  Update: crease pattern added below.

Porcupines Origami Tessellation

A few posts prior I solved a tessellation by gatheringfolds called knotted webs.  That gave me the idea to just pare down what she had done to a singular component. It's from there that this tessellation was created.  At its most basic it's triangles and open back hexagons.  However, the arrangement of the triangles off of the hexagons creates some unusually structured parallelograms.  As with any other true origami tessellation, this uses a single sheet of paper trimmed to a hexagon, but otherwise uncut. You can, of course, execute the same triangle grid and the same finished model from a rectangular sheet of standard printer paper.  It's just a little easier to start with a hexagon.  A crease pattern is included at the bottom of this post. 

Two Paths Diverge Origami Tessellation

 This tessellation idea started with a base of an open back hexagon and some small wings off of it. Same starting point as many other tessellations.  I was actually fiddling around with trying to solve a tessellation by Arseniy K that also has this foundation.  That's how I hit upon this other possibility. Once I found the initial folds off of the base it all came together rather quickly and without much fuss.  It has a very similar front to Lens Stars Tessellation by Madonna Yoder. I just realized that as I was typing this. But it's actually constructed quite differently. The front folds are more flagstone style than classic twists. You can also see from the back side it uses different folds and shapes.  It's very interesting how they can be so much the same and still so different! The crease pattern I created for this tessellation is included below if you'd like to fold it without having to solve it. 
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