Waiting for When Origami Tessellation

This is a variation on Robin Scholz's circular triangles. Instead of triangles, it's teardrop shapes. I originally had other ideas, but this is where the paper took me.

I originally created this back in September 2020. 

The first time around I did not save a crease pattern. Also the photo was not that great. 

I went ahead and recreated it present day. Making sure to document the construction. 

It's very densely packed on the reverse side. Pretty difficult to get everything to work together. But it's still very much achievable. 

It's nice that this tessellation fits so neatly on a 32 pleat grid. That doesn't happen often.

I'm pretty sure I saw a post on Arseniy K's instagram of the same design. I don't know whose came first. But they were created independent of each other. 

Crease pattern is included below.


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