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High Density Hydrangea Origami Fold

 Recursive origami used to be something that I did on a regular basis. Long before I discovered origami tessellations, recursive origami was what I did.  Recursive origami is similar to tessellations in that they're both a repeating pattern that can, in theory, go on infinitely. But while tessellations repeat along the x and y axes, recursive designs repeat along the z axis.  Shuzo Fujimoto was a famous recursive origami designer. Some of his most famous creations are the clover and the hydrangea.  Some origamists even took it a step further with what are known as high density recursive designs. Repeating the single layered model multiple times on a single sheet of paper.  For some reason that I don't understand the technique for folding the hydrangea has stayed firmly planted in my brain. Even years later, I still remember all the steps.  I also remember that it can be done at higher densities. I first encountered this idea at a website called. But I had