Rhombus Ribbons Origami Tessellation 2.0

 This is a tessellation that I came up with almost exactly 3 years ago. Fiddling around, I came up with it all over again. That happens to me a lot. Time goes by and I forget them and wind up unknowingly repeating myself. 

It's all good though. It's a chance to fold it better. To photograph it better. To document it better. 

It's larger offset hexagons on the one side and triads of rhombus twists on the other side. 

I particularly like how the rhombus twists create ribbons that flow to the corners of the hexagons. 

It's a pretty easy tessellation to execute. Nothing tricky about it. Any old paper will work. 

Crease pattern included below. 

It's a bit messy, but just the red lines apply. 

It's not indicated in the crease pattern, but you do need triangle twists at the triple intersections of the rhombuses. They land on the reverse side. 


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