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Star Twist Tessellation

The star twist and its extended version have been thoroughly documented in print and on the Internet. It's an easy design to fold that yields pretty impressive results. There are a whole lot of rabbit ear sink folds, which do make it a little tedious. But as far as concepts go, it's fairly simple to understand.  It's a straightforward crease pattern to follow. The trickiest part is all those rabbit ears so close together. It won't flatten much until you've done a lot of them. So the paper can be a bit unwieldy for a good portion of the collapsing. But once you begin to get those creases into place they tend to remember themselves. I like to do the hex twists first. Flattening each and then unfolding. Then do most of the rabbit ears and really get those all in place. Unfold again. Now assemble starting with the central star and working outward using all those preformed creases to let the paper naturally fall into place. I actually really like how the rea

Too Many Rhombi

I've been playing around with rhombus twists lately. It's weird. A hex twist is easy. A triangle twist... no problem. Square twists are child's play. Rhombus twists, however, really give me a lot of grief. Which was incentive enough for me to keep digging at them. I saw a photo on google of this tessellation made by someone else. I don't know who. I wanted to replicate it. Or use it as a jumping off ponit for something along the same vein. It came out pretty nice. Not a bad use of a few hours. There are probably more rhombus twists in my future. Cleaning up this design or refining it. The rhombuses didn't defeat me. but the war still rages.