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Byriah Loper's Twisted Pleats Flower Tessellation

 I saw a tessellation by Byriah Loper on flickr that made me want to fold it for myself. After puzzling over it for not too terribly long I had the road map and was able to recreate it.  It wasn't too hard to fold. A little fussy.  It helps if you have very sturdy paper.  Congratulations Byriah on a wonderful creation.  I have a single module crease pattern as well.  I will add the pic of that at a later date.  Crease pattern as promised: 

Origami Tessellation: Blossoming

  I've returned to rhombuses once again. They are probably my favorite origami tessellation shape.  This is small hex twists on the front with rhombus twists also on the front.  I stuck some triangle twists on the rear between the rhombuses to work out the flatness.  Rinse and repeat.  Some pyramid shapes naturally formed in the gaps. 

Maybes and Whys

I was just playing around with patterns and came up with this.  I'm not really sure which is the front and which is the back. I guiess it's just personal preference.  Pretty easy to fold. Nothing really frustrating.  The second image seems to show the various shapes involved a little better than the first does.  It's a triad tessellation. So the pattern repeats in thirds and I just sorta filled in the gaps.