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One Cube

I decided to go ahead and do Alessandro Beber's 'One Cube' origami design. Originally, I'd done only the background exercise and found it to be a little labor intensive But such is my relationship with folding paper. Just when I think I've had too much, I go in a little bit deeper. His instructions were clear and easy to follow, assuming you're already at least an intermediate folder who's pretty familiar with collapsing, crease patterns and tessellating. Here you can see the backlit version. Next is the front side unlit and then the rear. It's a pretty impressive creation when you really stop to think about it. It almost seems impossible that it can be just a single sheet of paper and yet, that's exactly what it is. His more advanced designs are even more amazing. I'll probably be giving some of those a go sometime in the future. The whole thing inspired me to think of rhombus twists in an entirely different light. There are, no doubt

Tightly Packed Triangles Tessellation

I'm a fan of She has great instructional videos for all levels of origami. It's there that I discovered the intricate origami of Alessandro Beber. I purchased his ebook to learn more. This is just the background, or foundation, to his designs, but I think it's a great tessellation in its own right.  On one side it's a series of tightly overlapping triangles. On the other a neat array of the inverse. When it's back lit it looks three dimensional, thought it's a flat fold at this point. It's a little daunting  to think this is just the starting point. I'll have to press onward with the further steps at some point in the future. For now, I'm happy with this result.
Solving Origami Tessellations dot com