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Triple Trapezoids Origami Tessellation

  This is an intermediate level tessellation that I recently created. It's a kooky kind of pattern that starts off very simply.  The center point is a small offset hexagon with rhombuses around it.  Next I add some open back hexagons and sets of three trapezoids.  Some rhombuses take up the remaining spaces.  This pattern repeats six times around the center.  At that point, I was getting close to the edge of the paper.  The open back hexagons repeat again. Then I just filled in the remaining space with more trapezoids and rhombuses. That third level has its own pattern. If you had larger paper and were to go for a forth level, that would need a slightly different pattern yet.  It's a little different from a traditional origami tessellation which repeats the same pattern infinitely. I'd  call it a progressive tessellation.  As you move outward the pattern changes slightly, but it can keep going and going for as long as you want. It's just a matter of reconciling the sp

Chasing Infinity Origami Tessellation

I have learned that the contents of this post have been plagiarized at a site called openai24 dot com.  Thank you to Peter Whitehouse for informing me of the situation.  I have informed the hosting company/domain registrar of the copyright violation and hopefully they will take action sometime soon.  Please know that this is my original design and I am the artist who conceived of and executed it.  If you're feeling as outraged as I am by this blatant theft feel free to leave a comment on their site condemning their actions. Or write an email to their hosting company (namecheap dot com) to express your displeasure.  Thank you.  So, I decided to buy some fancy tissue foil paper from France. I had this tessellation idea that I wanted to do, but I couldn't quite get it done using any of my usual papers.  From what I had read online, tissue foil is supposed to be really great for tessellations because it's both thin and resilient.  This tessellation is my first time using it. 

Origami Tessellations: Double Parking

I amended my Chasing Infinity tessellation post to include information about a recent case of internet plagiarism.  That post as well as this one were copied and posted at the site openai24 dot com. No credit was given. It was blatantly stolen.  This is the original. I am the artist and rightful owner of the content. .  I have filed a formal complaint with their hosting company. I have also left a comment on their site about the same.  If you're feeling up to it leave a comment on their site expressing your disdain. Or send a message to their host (namecheap dot com) condemning their actions.  Thank you all. And thanks to Peter Whitehouse for alerting me to the theft.   This little tessellation is unique for me in that I didn't really plan it. I just folded a 32 pleat triangle gird and mapped it out right on there. No fiddling. No testing. Just draw and fold. I'm not really sure what came over me, but it worked out well.  I even used ordinary 20 lb printer paper. Nothing

Origami Tessellations: Into the Wind

 Here's an easy tessellation that looks really cool when finished.  I have the nagging feeling that I've done this one before, but if so, I haven't been able to find the previous version.  It uses just one shape for its foundation. I'm not sure if there is an official geometric name for this shape. I was pretty good at geometry and I don't recall anything like that.  It's a six sided and triangle like shape. Obviously it's not a triangle, as those have only three sides. But when you look at it, it makes you think of a triangle.  I just took that shape and used the cross-grid edges to connect them to each other. In doing so, some large hexagons formed on the other side.  That's it. That's all there is to it.  My crease pattern is included below if you'd like to fold it. 

Scattered Dreams Tessellation

This tessellation is all rhombuses on the front. It starts with a small hexagonal twist with rhombuses around it. From there it progresses by adding additional rhombuses  until I'm able to also add some open back hexagons. The pattern of repeating the open back hexagons and rhombuses can then continue repeating.  When you break it down to it's components, it's essentially two base ideas combined into a single design.  You've got the small hex with rhombuses offset around it and then you have the larger hexes with the small rhombus spiral going around them. I just added enough extra rhombuses to transition between the two.  It's an intermediate level origami tessellation. Nothing too crazy.  I found it particularly interesting because I was able to do all rhombuses on the front and almost all hexagons on the back. There are some rhombuses on the back too. But there are no triangles at all. Which is a little unusual.  I do have my diagram that I used to create it. I&#

Stairway to Heaven Origami Tessellation

This is an interesting little flagstone tessellation that I designed. It's a linear style of alternating trapezoids. I also used some regular rhombuses as well as double length rhombuses to help the pattern repeat nicely.  It's not a design I've seen before, which is always nice to find.  It repeats very nicely on a 32 pleat triangle grid.  I used tant paper. I'm pretty positive it would also work with any somewhat thicker printer paper.  This is an idea that I've had for a while, but I kept thinking that it was too simple and I wasn't motivated to actually fold it.  It also took a little fiddling before I realized how it would tessellate neatly.  Eventually, I worked it all out and was quite pleased with the end result.  It's a little difficult to fold, as are most flagstones. But with sturdy paper it is a mostly pleasant experience.  My crease pattern is included below for those that might wish to attempt it.  It's worth noting that when you
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