Stairway to Heaven Origami Tessellation

 This is an interesting little flagstone tessellation that I designed. It's a linear style of alternating trapezoids. I also used some regular rhombuses as well as double length rhombuses to help the pattern repeat nicely. 

It's not a design I've seen before, which is always nice to find. 

It repeats very nicely on a 32 pleat triangle grid. 

I used tant paper. I'm pretty positive it would also work with any somewhat thicker printer paper. 

This is an idea that I've had for a while, but I kept thinking that it was too simple and I wasn't motivated to actually fold it. 

It also took a little fiddling before I realized how it would tessellate neatly. 

Eventually, I worked it all out and was quite pleased with the end result. 

It's a little difficult to fold, as are most flagstones. But with sturdy paper it is a mostly pleasant experience. 

My crease pattern is included below for those that might wish to attempt it. 

It's worth noting that when you fold a tessellation such as this one that getting everything into place is a first step. But everything will not initially collapse neatly. 

It will take some coaxing and cajoling to compress all the folds to nestle as closely as they can. 

Also be sure to work both sides of the paper. Working the back of the paper is just as important as working the front. 

If you decide to fold this tessellation of mine, please share your experience. 



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