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Mini Star Collapses Origami Tessellation

Miniature stars all connected by criss-crossing veins. Smallest hex twist on the grid at center of star. Triangle twists fall as close as possible to the hexes. Each star is separated by two pleats. I had tried this design in the past and was not successful. This time all the steps fell into place quite easily. You'll need to fold the triangles individually and really enforce their creases. Then you can go about the task of collapsing each star one at a time. You will need to collapse each star as a unit. You cannot fold the hex and the triangles separately as they land too snugly. As you add stars out from the center the connecting pleats will not naturally lie flat. You'll need to bisect them for a flat tess.

Back Lit Bow Tie Stars Origami Tessellation

So I found another interesting origami tessellation on flickr that I was pretty sure I could recreate. It was some basic ideas that were arranged quite cleverly in a really elegant final design. I started out trying it on a 32 pleat grid. It wasn't big enough and I tried putting the repetitions closer together, but they still didn't really fit. So I sucked it up and made a 48 pleat grid. I was able to print a fairly large hexagon on standard printer paper and cut it out. This yielded a somewhat larger one than I would've gotten had I used the fold and cut method of creating a hexagon. Still I wound up with rather small pleats and pretty tiny triangle twists. But I persevered. Eventually I got what is shown in the photo.