Natural Rhombus Herringbone Tessellation

This is in keeping with my exploration of non-hexagonal twists repeating.

It's just a dizzying array of rhombuses all linked to one another.

It employs an up/down repetition pattern. The rhombus shapes are different from traditional rhombus twists as they follow the natural grid lines.

This crease pattern is a natural flow of the same single shape ad infinitum.

It takes advantage of the natural folds of a triangle grid to create an easy to fold collapse that results in a complex structure of repetitions.

It's difficult and a little confusing trying to get all the collapses to flow in the same direction. Especailly at the edges where the shapes get truncated.

You could potentially alternate directions as well. Or come up with other patterns. The folds go forward or back at your discretion.

I often find it frustrating to see a folded tessellation and no crease pattern to accompany it. Depending on how the photo was taken, the lighting and the clarity, it can sometimes be difficult to reverse engineer.

Therefore, I've included a picture of the basic crease pattern.


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