Infinite Triangles Origami Tessellation

This is just a flash idea I had. There was no planning involved. No inspiration. I just started folding and followed the lure of the creases in the paper. 

Upon seeing the finished result, It kind of reminds me of Robin Scholz's Triphilia tessellation, but the construction is definitely different and I was not thinking of that as I was crafting it.

The similarity is that you can arrange the layering of the triangles into different patterns of your choice. 

I went looking and discovered  I had folded this a few years ago and called it Triangle Temptations. I didn't realize this until after I'd completed this model. 

Apparently, according to my original post, I'd seen someone else fold it on flickr and recreated it. 

This happens sometimes. You hit on an idea and it's something you've done and forgotten. They linger in the back of your brain and come forward unexpectedly. 

That previous version differed from this one slightly, in that it used double sized cross grid triangles. 

While in this case, I used large natural triangles. More fit on the same 32 pleat grid that way. I also have a better phone a few years later, so the photos are nicer as well. 

This is a nice example of symmetry in tessellations. While many tesses have wildly different fronts and backs, some, like this one, are mirror images of each other. 


FreeFlyFrog said…
wow I remember folding that. I even recognize the tree! Funny how nothing ever dies on the internet! I was browsing the pics on google and saw you used my old pic, nice job!
alcholic poet said…
Actually, the photos are of my fold.

But thank you! I appreciate all the people out there like yourself who've shared their origami with the world.

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