Scattered Dreams Tessellation

This tessellation is all rhombuses on the front. It starts with a small hexagonal twist with rhombuses around it. From there it progresses by adding additional rhombuses  until I'm able to also add some open back hexagons. The pattern of repeating the open back hexagons and rhombuses can then continue repeating. 

When you break it down to it's components, it's essentially two base ideas combined into a single design. 

You've got the small hex with rhombuses offset around it and then you have the larger hexes with the small rhombus spiral going around them. I just added enough extra rhombuses to transition between the two. 

It's an intermediate level origami tessellation. Nothing too crazy. 

I found it particularly interesting because I was able to do all rhombuses on the front and almost all hexagons on the back. There are some rhombuses on the back too. But there are no triangles at all. Which is a little unusual. 

I do have my diagram that I used to create it. I'll add it to the end of this post. 

This tessellation works well with ordinary printer paper of the 28 lb variety. A 32 pleat triangle grid was used as the starting point. 

Enjoy. It's a fun one!


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