Solving the Criss Crossed Tessellation by GatheringFolds

 This tessellation is a modification of one by @gatheringfolds that I solved. I believe she called it Criss Crossed. 

Honestly, I initially found it a little confusing. It's not ideal trying to figure out the mechanics of an origami structure from an instagram pic on your phone. 

I used to share them to my email and open the images full size on a regular pc monitor, but instagram has made that a lot harder to do. It may still be possible, but I've not tried that hard. 

Given that I usually do these things at work, I'm limited in how I can obtain the larger images. 

So I zoom in from the app on my phone and grumble and squint and usually can make out the details required. Usually. 

I mapped out how her original idea worked on some grid paper, but decided to shrink it to better fit on a 32 pleat grid. 

Basically just moving everything closer together.

The back side is particularly interesting to me. It makes me think of a pulley system. I like it. 


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