Two Paths Diverge Origami Tessellation

 This tessellation idea started with a base of an open back hexagon and some small wings off of it. Same starting point as many other tessellations. 

I was actually fiddling around with trying to solve a tessellation by Arseniy K that also has this foundation. 

That's how I hit upon this other possibility. Once I found the initial folds off of the base it all came together rather quickly and without much fuss. 

It has a very similar front to Lens Stars Tessellation by Madonna Yoder. I just realized that as I was typing this. But it's actually constructed quite differently.

The front folds are more flagstone style than classic twists. You can also see from the back side it uses different folds and shapes. 

It's very interesting how they can be so much the same and still so different!

The crease pattern I created for this tessellation is included below if you'd like to fold it without having to solve it. 


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