Rotating Vortexes Origami Tessellation

 Here's an interesting tessellation. It's open back hex twists with regular triangle twists emanating from it. There are some strange shapes in-between to make the repetitions work together.

I just kinda worked it out as I went. I'd love to offer a visual cease pattern. Unfortunately the only accurate one I have was what got folded into the final product.

I'm not currently willing to unfold it, since it was such a tedious affair.

Update: I recently (Aug 2022) solved this anew and created a crease pattern. The vortexes 2.0 tessellation has all the details. 

The interesting part is when you fold over the flaps created by the triangle twists. It creates a completely different design.

It was rather difficult to fold. Everything was quite closely packed together. I wasn't really sure it was going to work. But the final result was pretty pleasing.


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