Origami Star Tess

This tessellation is pretty simple really. It begins with a hex twist at the center. Rabbit ear sinks are used to creat the points of the star surrounding the center hexagon.

I kept adding 'points' off the the original points with more rabbit ear sinks. As the points extended outward the space between them would increase. Simple partial hex folds manipulated the gaps to allow the paper to lie flat.

As always, a single sheet of paper was used. A classic triangle gird was the starting point. 

The first pic is the model backlit and the second is the same model laying flat on a solid surface.
To create the crease pattern, draw a hexagon at the center of a triangle grid on a hexagonal piece of paper. Grid should be at least 32 interations.

Off of the central hexagon draw your tirangular points and use rabbit ear sink folds perpendicular to each side of the points to fold them flat. You'll need to unfold the initial hexagon to do the rabbit ears. As you're flatttening those you'll be able to twist the arms of the hexagon so that it twists back into place.

Once you've got the first star done, unfold and create the rest of the rabbit ears for the remaining radiating star points. As you create each successive point set outward you should be able to see how to fold the gaps between with partial hexagons in order to flatten everything.

Some experience with hexagonal and star tessellations is required.


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