Small 3D Origami Star Puff

Here's a cute little origami star based off of the the classic triangle grid. The grid is made from the method demonstrated in Eric Gjerde's awe inspiring tessellations book. I then cut out a hexagon from that grid. This results in a hexagon with 7 rows per half.

I find it much easier to cut an accurate hexagon from this technique than from the other methods. But you do loose a row per side this way.

So it's a 14 row hexagon to start. Classic hex twist at the center.

Smallest center twist is a mountain fold, then a valley on the next row, then another mountain. We're creating a 3D star at the center. Then we just finish it off with creating the arms/petals.

A very rudimentary crease pattern is shown below. Squiggly lines are valleys. Solid lines are mountains. All the folds are a part of the original triangle grid except those little diagonals between the pointed petals. Those are valley folds. Add them before you begin folding the star. It'll make it much easier to achieve that three dimensional central star puff shape.

To finish the design you'll need to 'work' the paper. Pressing in the outer arms toward the center and down to flatten the outer portion of the model and raise up the center.  I also recommend folding  over the back corners of the outer petals to help lock the paper into place. 

This pattern could, no doubt, be tessellated. I haven't tried it yet, but it would seem to make for an interesting composition.


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