Concentric Hex Star Origami

Here's a little star I made. It's basically an in and out pattrn. It uses a triangle grid with a small hexagon at the center. 

After the initial hexagon the layers alternate between valley and mountain folds. The layers use some between the grid folds to create the points. Otherwise it's pretty basic and straightforward.

It's a tall, 3D design, that's several layers deep. This unfortunately isn't very apparent from my amateur photography. But if you take it upon yourself to actually fold the model you'll be able to appreciate its depth.

It's a fairly simple design that yields a rather complex looking result.

Bascially make a small hexagon at the center of a 14 pleat grid. Then make a concentric star pattern out from there. Aternating in and out.

I hope to offer a helpful crease pattern sometime soon.


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