Origami Spread Squash Star

A cute little one piece star. I honestly don't remember how I made it other than starting with a 16 x 16 triangle gird on a square and cutting it into a hexagon.

It's a pretty basic design, but has a nice appearance. I bet it'd be a really cool larger tessellation for sure.

I really need to keep better track of my folding processes.

I love trying other people's crease patterns, but am shamefully lax in sharing my own.

I tend to fold with ordinary paper. When I unfold it to try to discren the genders of the folds it really doesn't show very well at all.

Even when I do use origami paper, I have a difficult time finding that nature of the folds after the model has been undone.

Folding is an art. Diagraming it is another altogether. I haven't mastered either. But trying to is a lot of fun.


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