Rope Rings Origami Tessellation

Here's a new origami tessellation I just recently folded. I had been playing with the central design for a while and finally figured out how to make the edges work nicely with it.

It came out a lot nicer than I thought it would. When it's back lit it really has a beautiful appearance. 

It begins with a small center hexagon. That is surrounded by rhombus twists all flowing together in the same direction.

Here's the interesting thing about this design. I can't explain the math behind it, but because the rhombus twists flow off of a central hexagon twist I was able to to fold them over 2 pleats in the clockwise direction of the central hexagon twist. The arms connecting the center to the edges in the back lit photo show this quite clearly.

This surprised me since they were only twisted one pleat along their other axes. This is what allowed for all six of the rhombuses to flow in the same direction and lie so close together as they do. The outer edge rhombuses employ the same technique of a single edge that's twisted two pleats. This consistency amongst the rhombus twists was necessary to enable the design to lie flat. 

I came up with the central design as a starting point and then worked out how to get the edges to fit nicely with it. It took a few tries, but the result was worth it.


Hi! I'm a beginner in the art of origami tesellations.
I just found this molecule... like an hour ago, and try to reproduce it (only the center) . It was a little hard because I'm not a great artist but I made it.
I would love reproduce the model in a nice paper, show it on my Instagram and put your name in there, since you are the designer (can you tell me your real name?) . Also, would be nice show you my final work, if you want to
Thank you very much for tthis model.
I apologize for my terrible English 😋
alcholic poet said…
i'm glad you like it. thank you for commenting. your english is great. much better than my spanish. lol. me llamo stacie. Me encantaria ver tu modelo terminada. please send a link when it's complete. feliz plegado. muchas gracias. keep folding.

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