Triangle Twist Rings Origami Tessellation

Triangle twists on the front arranged around large hexagons on the back. From the book: Six Simple Twists: The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Tessellation Design by Benjamin DiLeonardo-Parker

I bought it looking for inspiration for creating new designs. But I liked this pattern so much that I went ahead and just folded it verbatim.

It was a little bit tricky to collapse. The folds had to go in a lot of different directions simultaneously.

I started out trying to first do a hexagon twist and then the triangle twists that radiate off of it. That didn't work out well.

So I switched to collapsing a full ring to start. Meaning I arranged one hex and the six triangles around it all together until I was able to flatten that unit all at once. Then I radiated out from there in a circular fashion collapsing additional hexagon/triangle units one at a time.

The edges were tough to get to lay right. Probably would've been better with a few of the outermost pleats removed or a grid with a few more pleats.

Either way, I do really like this design


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