Flagstone Weave Tess

Peter Keller's flagstone weave tessellation. This one is really tightly packed. Definitely not for the impatient folder.

It takes a lot of finessing and coaxing. I folded, unfolded and refolded so many  times before I was able to begin collapsing the design.

Including folding the initial 32 pleeat grid, I probably spent 10 hours all together folding this design. It's hard to know exactly, since I was at work and kept getting interrupted. Suffice it to say, it was a lot of hours before I achieved success.

They were enjoyable hours well spent though. It was an easy crease pattern to understand, but a challenging one to fold.

I was pretty uncertain for a while that I would finish. I used some ordinary colored printer paper that wasn't very forgiving. It seemed like the papper was going to give out and just go limp and useless. Still, after so much folding, I kept at it. I had nothing to lose.

To my surprise, eventually the paper began to cooperate and I was able to complete folding the tessellation.

I find the end result to be very striking. I'm sure anyone would agree, it's quite the hypnotic pattern when finished.

The photos are, in order of appearance, front backlit, front unlit and rear backlit.

If you're feeling ambitious enough to try to fold it, the crease pattern lives on his flickr page.


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