Repeating Flowers Tessellation

I saw this tessellation on Lydia Diard's Flickr page and I really liked the pattern. It's simple, but elegant. 

It was pretty easy to reverse engineer.

It's based on a 32 division triangle grid, but you need to add additional folds to connect the hexagons. This is most apparent in the second photo.

Those connections will not naturally flatten. They need to be spread squashed.

After some trial and error with how best to achieve the desired result I arrived at the following method.

I first folded all the large hexagaons. Reinforcing the creases and then unfolding.
Then I folded the narrow sections that would connect them.

At that point it was easiest to pinch the corners of the hexes while spread squashing the connecting veins. Using the grid to help create pointy sqashes at each axis point of each hex.

If you're familiar with tessellating and intermediate origami techniques it should not be hard to figure out as you go.

The first photo is the front back lit. The next is the other side.

Then the front unlit and back unlit. 


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