Rotary Origami Tessellation

Here's a new tessellation I conceived. It may have been done before, but I haven't ever come across it in my many googlings for origami tessellations.

It's pretty straightforward as far as tesses go. Open back hex twists on one side. As seen in first pic.

Go to the other side. Fold the rectangular/pointing border. As seen in the second pic.

I always create designs as a single module and then figure out how to tessellate them after that. This has pros and cons.

Most times it works out pretty well. Occasionally I cannot figure out how to repeat the design in a tessellated format.
I did have a little trouble determining how to gracefully tessellate it. But a little patience and trial and error solved the riddle.

The basic crease pattern appears in is the last pic of this post.

It illustrates where the folds go. It also shows how to arrange the repetitions so that they map out elegantly on any size triangle grid.

I did mine on a 32 division grid, but a larger grid would probably look pretty spectacular.


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