Wacky Triangles Tessellation

 I totally had no clue what I was doing when I came up with this. I saw the tessellation in the second image on flickr and started trying to reverse engineer it, but I got sidetracked by the open back triangle twists.

I had it figured it out in small format, but wasn't thrilled by the construction technique. While it's an attractive design, it didn't turn out to be something I was keen on doing in its larger format.

So I abandoned that and I decided to simply use it as an inspiration for a new design instead.

I came up with this mixed up assortment of triangle twists. They stagger off of their hexagons. Some are only one pleat away, while others are two. That's what creates the assortment of thin and thick connective veins.

The third photo is really interesting. Because the center twists are different from the outer twists it creates a puffed up appearance which was unexpected.

My original intent was to have iterations of the central design. But I veered off course somewhere along the way and wound up with this instead.

I was having difficulty determining how to gracefully connect repetitions of the center. I'm sure it's possible and I just got off track or didn't have a big enough grid.


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