Kissing Pyramids Origami Tessellation

This is a origami tessellation that I found on pinterest or flickr. One of those places. At any rate, someone other than me conceived of it.

I liked how it looked, so I decided to see if I could reproduce it.

Elegant finished appearance, yet super simple to execute.

I usually experiment with a small square/grid to figure out unknown tessellations. Wasn't necessary in this case.

I didn't even create a crease pattern. The finished design is the crease pattern. It's very straight forward.

Once I finished the triangle grid, it was only 30 minutes tops to fold start to finish. 

Sometimes the nicest designs are the simplest ones.
The reverse side is also a very nice pattern.

It's a gorgeous tessellation both backlit and solid. Kudos to whomever first came up with it.

It's a brilliant symmetry of form, function and beauty.


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