Trapezoid Stars Origami Tessellation

This is a tessellation I came up with after folding it as a single module on smaller paper. It was pretty easy to do that way. Doing it repeating across a larger grid proved much more challenging.

I like the design, but I'm not happy with the execution. I wasn't really sure how to approach folding it for the best results.

I did all my preceasing. Then I did the center as a hex twist on the back. Moved to the front and folded the trapezoids while simultaneously easing the rear triangle twists into place. The center was slow to create, but turned out well.

Then tried just using the preceases to get the others to fall in place. The preceases weren't really enough to make it happen.

So I changed strategy and unfolded and did each repetition on its own and unfolded and repeated. When each repeat had been prefolded I unfolded again. Redid the center. And again began trying to get the iterations to fall into place using their preconditioning. While I was able to complete the design, some iterations came out sort of sloppy because of all the trial and error work. It's also a very close and fussy design that leaves little room for forgiveness.A thinner paper may have helped. 

Here's a rough crease pattern. hexes and triangle go on the rear. Trapezoids go on the front.


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