Open Back Bisected Tessellation

I found a tessellation on flickr that I wanted to replicate. I'm not really sure if this is a duplicate of it or not. I only had a backlit image as a guide and that tends to distort the structure some.

At any rate, it inspired this. Whether it's the same or not.

This one results in a really stunning back light image.

Open back hexagon twists surrounded by rhombus twists.

The repetitions are joined by open back triangle twists.

It's kind of somewhere in the middle between a traditional tessellation and a flagstone tessellation. 

Because the foundation is open back hexes, the rhombuses land on the bisectors of the triangle grid.

The open back triangle twists land the same way.

The hexes and triangles are on one side of the paper, while the rhombuses are on the opposite side.

Second image is the reverse side of the same tess.

As I was mapping this one out on the grid I wasn't sure it would work out well, but I was pleasantly surprised with the end result.

It's as gorgeous a tess as any I could ever hope to fold


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