Triphilia Tessellation Sort Of

Robin Scholz Triphilia variation. I didn't even realize there were more steps... so I stopped wehre I did. Did the hex spread. Turned that into triangle twists. Folded over those flaps and inverted.

I had been wondering where I'd first seen this design. At least I finally figured out its origin.

It's a lot of folding, but worth it. And none of the steps are very difficult to understand.

There's a final step where you squash the backside of the design. I didn't realize that. I'll need to try that at some point.

It's a brilliant variation on a classic origami tessellation. Simple, yet complex. As any good tessellatin should be.

Update: I completed the additional steps to recreate the true triphilia tess. Last photo shows it backlit.

This is one of those tessellations that has many simple steps that take up a lot of your time. It really requires a higher level of devotion to the craft.

The final result is pretty spectacular.


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