Spinning Suns Origami Tessellation

This tessellation was conceived as a doodle. I came up with the center first and then added the arms. To work out the flatness, large triangles were added on the reverse of the design.

It's an open back hexagon twist center. Triangle twists off of that. Those pointy rectangles radiate off the triangles. Then there are offset open back triangle twists on the back to reconcile everything on the front.

Also, the portion of the triangle twists that land on the hex pleats are valleys, while the other two sides are mountains.

It's kind of a flagstone variant. I do seem to come up with very convoluted designs lately.

I folded this using some large, standard origami paper and it was a nightmare. It took so long. But once the first two modules fell into place, I couldn't not take it all the way. Thicker paper would've sped up the process, but coulda, woulda, shoulda.

The second image is a doodle of the crease pattern. That's how I determined the layout. In the doodle, I had 5 pleats separating. In the final fold, I went with only 4.

The larger triangle twists land on the back. Everything else is front facing. But on the small triangles the one side that is almost aligned with the hex twist pleats goes backward. It's a pretty natural fold once you start collapsing.


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