Emulating the Masters

I found the crease pattern for this tessellation on flickr. It was a while ago. So I don't remember where exactly.  It may have been a Joel Cooper design. I'm not certain.

Upon further investigation, I found it on my hard drive and it's filed it under Robin Scholz. So I guess he's likely the designer.

I did change it. There were originally larger gaps between the triangle twist hex formations.

I shrunk the gaps a bit. Made it fit in a smaller grid much nicer.

This was an incredibly difficult fold. Super tricky. Diabolical really.

At first glance it looked so simple and innocent, but it was anything but. The end result is pretty amazing.

It gets exponentially more amazing the bigger the grid you use.

Even though I folded it myself. And I spent several hours doing so.

Looking at the end result, I still have a hard time believing that's just one square of paper.

But it is. It truly is.


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