Origami Tessellation: Simple Beauty

This is a pretty straightforward design, but I really like the results. It's no doubt been done before, but I conceived of it without having seen anyone else's prior.

I attempted a 64 pleat grid at first, but found everything to be entirely to small to work. So I switched it to a 48 pleat. It was still pretty small, but just big enough for me to successfully fold.

I printed a hexagon on printer paper. As large as would fit. Then divided it into thirds on one side.

Anything smaller really doesn't do the tessellation justice, as there are insufficient repetitions.

Small hexes are flanked by pointy rectangle shapes. The rectangles are 3 pleats from each axis of the central hexagon. Then just repeat.

I found it easiest to fold by first reinforcing all the hexes. That made it much less frustrating to move outward from the center iteration.

I was then able to fold at will any of the pointed rectangles and the hexes were quite willing to fall into place.

The photos are respectively, front back lit, front unlit and back unlit.

The limitations of the northeast winter prevented any further back lit shots.


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