Tessellation Open Back Hexes Both Sides

This is an idea I had. It's pretty simple, but yields a complex result.

What I like best about it is that it's versatile. You can create several different tessellations from this one crease pattern.

It's open back hexes connected by triangles. The triangles actually follow the folds of the classic grid.

I have a sketch that I need to upload. (Update: crease pattern image added below)

The hexes alternate directions. Some are exclusively on the back. Some totally on the front. Others go both ways.

The triangles are all 2 mountain and 1 valley.

What's most interesting about this tessellation is that it offers the folder choices. You can arrange the hexes in in many variations from front to back.

I haven't explored it in great detail, but I did play around with the arrangements a little bit. It's pretty versatile.

Different patterns emerge depending on how to decide your valleys and mountains.

There's a flow to the mountains and valleys of the hexes and the triangles. It's symbiotic. They do have to work together in certain ways.

But there are several different patterns that can be achieved. Maybe more. This is just one of them.

Here is a simple single module illustration of the collapse.

In the bottom right corner, the right side of that triangle is a valley. It doesn't look that way, but it is.


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