Chaos Theory Origami Tessellation

I'm really proud of this tessellation. It's complex and also unique, as far as I know.

If it has been done before, I have not encountered it. I came up with it from scratch.

Keeping with my study of open back hexes, that's how it began.

Then I added the pointy wings around them.

A partial hexagon shape emerged from the design as a way to repeat the pattern. That led me to use an elongated hexagon polygon to make the whole thing work. Think rhombus, but with flat ends on the long sides.

In order to gracefully connect those polygons, an offset open back triangle twist was apparent in the preliminary design sketches.

All those elements came together perfectly to create the design above.

It was not hard to conceive, but it was a difficult one to execute. Everything is rather cramped and finnicky. A 48 pleat gird was required to fit full repetitions.

As always, a single sheet of papper was used.

Basic crease pattern sketch for those interested.


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