Star of David Tessellation

This is an interesting one.You've got some open back hexagon twists.  Then there are some trapezoids around them. Those have some triangle twists on the back helping them to work together.

We have large open back triangle twists on the rear to connect the repetitions of each 'star'. Then some small triangle twists were needed on the front to flatten the design.

I hadn't planned for the small triangles on the front, but they became necessary as the deisgn began to fall into place.

The second photo, which is the rear, shows the large rear triangles more clearly.

This particular tessellation would be much better served by a somewhat larger grid with more pleats, but you get the gist.

It would also look cooler if the sun would ever shine and give some decent backlighting. I have literally been waiting days for a bright, sunny day to take a better pic, but it doesn't want to happen.

Even with minimal light, it's pretty nifty.


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