Concave Flowers Tessellation

This tessellation idea kinda fell into place accidentally, but as I saw the single module coming together, I became  quite fascinated with how it might look when tessellated.

It was tough to fold as it is densely spaced and my paper isn't very large.

In order to get a full set of outer repetitions it required a larger grid than I care to use on the size of paper I have available to me. A 48 pleat grid on a hex cut from 8.5 x 11 printer paper is not easy to work.

It also used a technique I don't generally employ. I really manipulated the paper and the grid more than usual.

There are some very small, very forced folds. It could've easily been a 3D fold rather than a flat fold, had I utilized fancier paper.

If you have larger, thicker paper, this is one of those tessellations that would greatly benefit from it.

Front pic is first. Rear is next. A crude crease pattern follows.


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