Origami Tessellaton: Rectangles and Pie Slices

I downloaded a very similar crease pattern to what this fold uses somewhere on flickr. I modified it by shrinking the shapes. The original intent was to have the grid's smallest hexes and the pie piece shapes and rectangles relative to them.

While thtat works in theory and could be executed, I was unable to create it with the paper I was using.

It would make for a really spectacular tessellation, but would require, if not larger paper, at least, a sturdier variety. My paper began to go limp long before I was even close to completion.

So I upped the size of everything by one pleat. Because it uses a 2 pleat hex it's not centered to the grid. But I didn't want to use a 3 pleat hex because I felt that was too spread out.

Crease pattern for the original design. Smallest hex. Everything very densely packed.
Creaes pattern for the scaled up version. Less impressive, but still kinda neat.


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