Twirling Rhombuses Origami Tessellation

Rhombuses around hexagons are a pretty standard tessellation technique. Usually the rhombuses and the hexes reside on opposite sides of the paper.

I wanted to see how it might work out if both shared the front of the paper. I also wanted to be able to have multiple full repetitions of the modules.

So I had to use a 48 division grid.

I started out by doing the center the same way the outer copies look in the photo, but as I worked my way outward it wasn't possible to have all the copies flow properly while keeping the center situated that way.

So I switched to having all the rhombuses of each outer module flow in a single direction and used the center as a means to balance them and flatten everything neatly. .

I think it came out quite nice.

A simple single iteration crease pattern is shown.


Anonymous said…
You can add one (or more (bigger) ring of rhombuses to all molecules, this way you'll get a tessellation of fractals:

There is another way to connect the rhombus fractals with keeping their "spin":
alcholic poet said…
very cool. thank you for the new information.

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