Acacia Wreath by Arseniy K Origami Tessellation

I've been futzing around with design ideas and not really arriving at anything cohesive. This has led me to explore the folds of others.

I've had some brilliant struggles with the intricate patterns of Robin Scholz. It's always very satisfying to eventually work it all out and finally achieve the finished product.

I find a lot of ideas on flickr. Arseniy K is a frequent poster with interesting tessellations. His are quite different from what I'm used to folding.

They are not twist based. They're more reversal oriented.

His tessellation photostream

This is one of his that I recreated. This is the original image I used to recreate it.

I used a smaller grid. Very large grids don't work well with the paper I use. I also don't like folding really large grids.

Unlike most tesses, this one looks better, I think, without backlight.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The final image shows the rear backlit. Just for illustrative purposes to assist those wishing to understand its structure.


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