Helicopters Origami Tessellation

This is an interpretation of a Robin Scholz single module. He may have already folded this tessellation. Or he may not have.

I've seen photos of his with variations on this idea. I just decided to repeat it in a very straightforward way.

This design may have been done before. It's doubtful that it hasn't already been done by numerous people.

There's a small hex twist on the back. Then a ring of triangle twists around it on the front. They're a pleat out from the center.

This makes it a little easier to fold initially. But when adding repetitions, it's still kinda tricky to get everything into its proper place.

It's just a natural tessellation. Where each iteration blends seamlessly into the next.

It was kinda tricky to fold. It wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination.

I had imagined it would backlight differently than it actually does. It looks a lot different backlit than it does flat.

I did sketch out a crease pattern, but I left it at work. I'll add it later.

It's a pretty simple pattern to understand, even if it is a little tricky to execute.


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