My Left Foot Origami Tessellation

This origami tessellation is rhombus twists off of hex collapses. You do a little hex in one direction and collapse it with the next larger hex in the opposite direction.

It makes some strange triangle/pie like shapes for connecting them. They just sort of fell into place as I went along. I didn't have them mapped out before I started folding.

It all flows very smoothly once you find the right creases.

Some triangle twists also occur where the rhombuses converge in triads. The original and my sketch use larger triangle twists. But when I went to fold it, I used smaller ones just to fit it better on my 32 pleat grid.

I've included the sketch I used to deconstruct the design. It's not a detailed crease pattern, but it certainly provides a lot of clues on how to fold it.

It's another design I found on flickr in a tessellation photo pool.

The first image is my fold.

The second image is my sketch of the creases.

The last is the original found graphic that I reconstructed.

Obviously I used a smaller grid than the tessellation in the original photo.

I don't have very big or very high quality paper. Still I love tessellations. I love folding them. I love figuring them out. I love creating my own. So I make due withe a smaller grid. They're still awesome.


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