Hexes and Triangles Flagstone Origami Tessellation

I found this flagstone on flickr. I think it was originally designed by Joel Cooper or maybe Peter Keller. The picture I saw belonged to someone else.

For a flagstone it's pretty straightforward. I'm not great with figuring out flagstones, but this one is not complicated. It's just big hexes and triangles.

It actually inspired a different flagstone pattern, which I've mapped out, but haven't folded yet.

If you're familiar with flagstones this will make sense to you. If not, there are many flagstone crease patterns which illustrate the underlying structure. They all share a similar architecture.

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with origami flagstones. They are pretty predictable to understand, but not very friendly to fold. Everything is kind of dependent upon everthing else. So the fold is never fully realized until all of it is pushed into place.

This photo of the rear shows the triangle twist triads that comprise the design that manifest on the front of the paper.

I'm pretty sure I did draw a crease pattern sketch. I think I left it at work. Will try to upload it at a later date.

Found the sketch. I didn't come up with the design. I just mapped it out so I could understand how to fold it. Now you can too!


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