Offset Hex Twist Stars

This is one of those semi-accidental creations that have become my modus operandi.

I began with a clear intent. That was the broad petal shapes that flank the center.

I did not anticipate the triangles around the center hex. I guess that I should have.  I should know better by now.

I'm fascinated by that small star that the grid can create. It folds the small hex like an open back hex rather than a traditional small hex twist. I guess you'd call it an offset small hex twist.

This alters shapes and the way other folds can radiate from it.

The bigger triangles on the back became obvious once the repetitions fell into place.

I always expect some reverse side triangles in all my tesses. They're the mortar that makes everything else come together.

Sometimes I see where they belong from the outset. Sometimes they just show themselves as I'm working out the other folds.

If you listen, the paper tells you where it wants to go.


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