Origami Tessellation: Flagstone: Triangles Both Ways

So after I finished folding that last flagstone, it inadvertently led me to this next design. That's the thing about tessellations. If I try to come up with one, I usually get stuck. But if I'm not trying, they just kind of happen. I suppose that is the nature of art.

This isn't so very different from other designs. But it does take a slightly different approach.

It's open back hexes. They are flanked by rhombuses. Then there are triangle twists between the rhombuses. All of these are mountain folds.

There are also some valley folded triangle twists to make everything work properly together.

The unlit photo shows the true structure a little bit better.

I don't have a terribly thorough sketch, but I do have a very rudimentary one. Seen below.

The mountain triangle twists do not appear in the sketch. But it's fairly obvious where they occur in the gaps formed by the rhombuses and valley triangles. Just connect tthe dots.


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