Origami Tessellation: Radiating Six Point Star

I saw a close up of this on flickr. It basically showed only the center. It's a Lydia Diard design if I remember correctly.

Because it was a close in photo, the rest I improvised. It might be the same as the original or it might not. I don't know.

When I first saw the design I was thinking it would look nice as repeating stars. It probably would. But once I'd done the center, it was obvious that would need a larger grid. So I changed the plan to fit the 32 pleat grid. I don't think I could do all those rabbit ears on a 48 pleat grid. Not without larger paper.

Personally, I hate rabbit ear sink folds. They are a great way to make cool looking points in tessellations, but I find them incredibly tedious to fold. They're not so much difficult, as they are just annoying. That's how I feel about them anyway.

I'm sure others feel differently.

Give me a good hex twist any day. A nice triangle twist is great too. I do enjoy a nice flagstone fold.

I love origami. I love tessellations. But I do not enjoy rabbit ear sink folds at all. I would rather execute any other fold.

But I saw the picture and the center was simple and elegant. It was easy enough to understand. I wanted a break from complicated. So I made the center and that in turn led to many more rabbit ear sink folds than I had originally planned on folding. I wasn't thrilled folding them, but I persevered.

I am pleased with the final result.


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