Ringing Bells Origami Tessellation

This is an idea I had that is excellent on paper. My execution of it, however, was less than stellar.

Probably on a second try it would come out more spectacular. I really like the pattern and the concept. But I struggled to understand folding it even though the architecture of it was my own concept.

I like how the back turned out.

During the planning, I didn't really see the extra folds
that would land on the rear, so that hampered my efforts to some degree.

On the front, everything needs to twist in a kind of symbiotic relationship.

While I'm familiar with flagstones and other folds that are executed as a whole rather than in stages, this particular pattern proved difficult. Most likely because it was somewhat different from any I'd done before. It has similarities to other designs and techniques, but it proved to be unique in many ways.

A more gifted folder might have produced a cleaner end result.

Still I'm pleased with the pattern I dreamed up. It just need another go around to perfect the execution.


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