Back and Forth Hexagonal Rings Origami Tessellation

I saw the tessellation on google images maybe. I saved it a while ago and only just finally decided to give it a try. I really like how the hexes go in both directions. I think that's a great idea.

It consists of all large hexagons. At the center it's a regular twist. That's surrounded by triangle twists.

Then for the next ring there are more large hexagons, but they are folded on the opposite side of the paper.

They are also folded in on themselves. A common technique. You just squeeze the corners together and flatten.

Then you go back to the other side of the paper again and regular hexes for the next repetition.

Repeat  as often as you can depending on the size of your grid and your overall patience. I used a 32 pleat grid which yielded three rings.

So in reality, it's all the same repeating set of large hexagon twists surrounded by triangle twists. What makes it different is that you squash every other set in on itself while leaving the alternating sets as a classic twist. And you keep switching back and forth from the front to the back of the paper when you execute your twists.

It's a simple idea that yields an elegant result.

I really like it. Kudos to whoever first came up with it.


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